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Ways to Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning

June 1, 2021

Maintenance and Cleanliness of rental sites like Airbnb are crucial for a positive customer or guest impression. The Airbnb cleaning is a very confusing and tough task as it needs special attention. As a host, one must take care of the cleanliness of the rental site.

However, there is an option to schedule your Airbnb cleaning with the cleaning companies as it would release you from the pressure of cleaning your site. In this article, we’ll explain some ways or tricks to automate your cleaning process. So, let’s dig deep to reveal these methods for a perfect Airbnb service!

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How to Automate Airbnb Cleaning?

Here are some important ways to automate the Airbnb cleaning process easily.

1 – Hire a Professional Airbnb Cleaner

A permanent professional cleaning service is the best choice that would be responsible for regular cleaning for a clean and tidy rental place. Professional cleaners have proper tools and tricks to make the houses neat, clean, and shiny.

Moreover, this idea, besides being beneficial for the site cleaning, is also cost-effective as a company that is working with you permanently would be comparatively cooperative. So, consider hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning company to meet the standards of cleanliness. Here at Jamby Steam, our professional cleaners help you in cleaning your Airbnb and offer you the opportunity of scheduling your cleanings online.

2 – Arrange Scheduled Deep Cleaning

Besides regular cleaning, deep cleaning is also compulsory as it’s beneficial for the longevity of the rental site. The best option for the deep Airbnb cleaning is to sign a contract with the same company that’s handling the routine cleaning as they will know when deep cleaning is required. So, hiring a professional deep Airbnb cleaning company is also crucial for a perfect rental service.

3 – Setup an Auto-Pay System

The payment for the cleaning service takes much time that may disturb the routine of a busy person. Certain companies offer online payment methods which are easy and instant. You don’t need to call back again and again for the payment estimate and confirmation. Rather the companies tell you their estimated dues which you can pay online after the cleaning is done. For easy cleaning service, consider setting such a payment method!

4 – Keep an Inventory List

Keep an inventory list so that you are always well-stocked for your guests. You can do this by asking your cleaners to notify you about the stocked products just like toiletries and other supplies. Moreover, ask your cleaning company to notify you of any damage to the building or other households so that you may manage them timely. This would be helpful for you to maintain a positive host image for your visitors.

5 – Automate Reminders For Cleaners

Good cleaning companies have a rush of orders and there is a chance of cancelation or missing of your order. A perfect solution to this problem is an investment in Airbnb software. This host software helps you to automate a message or email for your cleaner that would act as a reminder for the cleaning company. This is also a perfect tip for a good Airbnb service.


A neat and tidy rental place has always been the priority of the guests. So, never show a non-serious attitude towards the cleaning process. You can automate your Airbnb cleaning by following the above-mentioned tips that may keep you always in higher ranks.

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