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Tips For Cleaning Your RV Interior

June 8, 2021

An RV is a great blessing for recreational activities, however, its cleaning may be a wonder. Though exterior cleaning is also important for a shining RV, interior cleaning is inevitable for health. Moreover, under the current pandemic situations of Covid-19, cleaning and sanitizing are compulsory.

After certain intervals, your RV needs a deep cleaning and it may be a challenging task if you don’t have proper knowledge about it. Here are some easy tips to make your RV interior cleaning very simple and effortless.

Best Ways of RV Interior Cleaning

1. Pull Out Everything

It may seem very difficult to clean the RV interior when all the stuff is there. That’s why we recommend pulling out all the removable things from the cabinet for easy deep cleaning. It would help in a thorough deep cleaning otherwise some places may remain uncleaned.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner Before Deep Cleaning

It may seem overwhelming and irritating to dust each part of the RV. We suggest cleaning the dust and dirt particles from the whole surface for effective deep cleaning.

3. Always Start From Ceiling

Try to start cleaning from the ceiling or roof as if you leave it to clean at the end, it may spoil the well-cleaned floor and you would have to clean it again. Always start from the ceiling, then the walls, and put the floor cleaning on the end.

4. Move in Patches

Divide your cleaning chores into sections for a less irritating experience. After dividing the whole RV into different sections, move each part thoroughly. Once you are done with one section, move to the other and end cleaning in the same way.

5. Make the Awning Loose

It’s necessary to clean the RV awning for a thorough cleaning. Instead of losing the awning legs, remove them and make the awning flat with the side of the RV. You would have a perfect surface to clean in this position. Clean, scrub or wash it without any stress.

6. Separate the Items That Need Repair

Certain parts of your recreational vehicle may need maintenance after a particular time. Keep in mind to separate such parts while cleaning your RV. It would work for the RV to last longer.

7. Clean Before Using Disinfectant

The use of disinfectants after the cleaning has always been important but under the current situations of Covid-19, it has become inevitable. However, it should be kept in mind that disinfectants only work when they are used on a clean and tidy surface. So, use them after you have completed your cleaning process.

8. Use Right Chemicals and Tools

All surfaces don’t afford the same type of chemical. Some surfaces may react to a certain cleaning agent that is best for any other. So, make the right choice while selecting the chemicals for your RV interior cleaning. Moreover, use perfect cleaning tools for a less challenging cleaning task.


It’s very easy and effortless to clean the RV interior thoroughly if you have some knowledge about the best ways of cleaning. Follow the above-discussed tips to avoid any sort of irritation while cleaning the interior of your recreational vehicle.

RV Detailing and Cleaning

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