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The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

May 27, 2021

Cleanliness is the key to a healthy life and it’s impossible to keep your houses neat and clean without knowing the dirty places. Some places of the homes are comparatively dirtier and they need timely cleaning for a shining and worth living home.

There is an alarm of infectious bacteria and viruses’ growth at dirty places. The best way to prevent the growth and spread of such microbes is by pointing out and cleaning the spots of their growth. In this article, we have discussed some dirtiest places in your home. Let’s explore all these spots!

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What are Dirtiest Spots in the Home?

Here are some of the busiest and dirtiest places in the home.


No one is unaware of the busyness and need of the kitchen in a home. It’s the busiest room in any house as all sorts of cooking is done here. If not properly and timely cleaned, it may also be one of the dirtiest places in the home. More than 75% of the dish sponges may be fatal if not properly handled.

Use some disinfectant or warm water to get rid of such microbes. Here are some of the dirtiest parts of a kitchen:


The bathroom is also one of the most frequently used parts of any home and if not properly cleaned, it may also be included in the list of dirtiest places. Some fatal bacteria grow in the bathroom after each use.

Some dirtiest parts of any bathroom are as follows:

Ask your cleaner to give special attention to these areas when cleaning the bathroom.

Hidden Areas of Living Rooms

The hidden areas just like the back of the sofas or the underside of the bed are the dirtiest places. These areas may collect dust and dirt particles which may be a cause of bacterial growth. Whenever you are to clean your home, keep in mind such places to prevent microbial infections.

High Touch Areas

According to Jamby Steam, some parts of the home are frequently used and hence these may be comparatively dirtier. Some such areas are:

Above all parts of any home should be wiped and cleaned properly for healthy living!

Wet Laundry

Wet laundry may cause the growth of germs if left for even a short while. It may also be one of the microbial growth sites if not properly handled.

Pet Cages

Pets are one of the loveliest creatures and they are a great source of recreation as well as pleasure. But they don’t know how to keep their cages neat and clean, it’s our responsibility to pay heed to their cleaning. Pet cages, toys, beds, and bowls may also be the dirtiest places of the home if not cleaned timely.

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Pointing out and cleaning the dirty places of the home has always been important but under the current pandemic situations of Covid-19, it’s necessary to keep your homes clean and tidy. So, keep in mind the above-discussed places while cleaning your homes!

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