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Pros and Cons of Using Automatic Car Washes

June 20, 2021

An Automatic Car Wash is the best option to clean your vehicle thoroughly. However, certain things must be kept in mind before making an appointment for your automatic car wash. There are some advantages as well as some disadvantages of choosing this vehicle washing method.

Here is a short guide with some of the top pros and cons of automatic car washes.

Pros of Using Automatic Car Washes

1- Latest Car Washing Method

The automatic car wash method is based on the latest technology. This method is far better than all the traditional ways of cleaning vehicles. The new technology used in this method makes each part of the car wonderfully without any compromise on the quality.

2- No Danger of Paint Damage

The technology-based automatic car washing method is a touchless way of cleaning. With no touch feature, this is quite a safe and secure procedure ever introduced.

3- A High-Pressure Washing

The high pressure of the electric washing method is very effective to clean the stuck mud effectively. Moreover, if you are not in the mood of washing the vehicle by hand, this method is really for you.

4- A Quick Method

The traditional hand-based washing system takes some time for effective cleaning but the automatic washing system is very fast, quick, and efficient. It takes no time to make your car just like new.

5- A Convenient Cleaning Method

Unlike the traditional methods that need particular adjustment of the vehicle, the automatic washing procedure is far more convenient that needs a little effort.

Cons of Using Automatic Car Washes

1- Needs Expertise

The automatic car wash is not so easy to perform, it needs particular knowledge about some techniques. Unlike traditional cleaning methods which can be performed by anyone, the automatic method needs an expert user.

2- Damage to Car Parts

Over time, certain strange results are seen. It can damage the antenna, mirrors, side-view, or rear bumpers. Any of these failures may result in severe damage.

3- Use of Harsh Cleaners

The automatic car wash uses harsh chemicals, degreasings, or shampoos for cleaning. Along with their effectiveness, these chemicals may damage the paint or may leave marks on it. These reactions cause oxidation of the coating or its corrosion that ultimately leads to rust.

4- Water Spots

Though auto car wash uses the latest drying methods, it may fail to dry the infiltrated industrial water. Such water has a high quantity of calcium and other minerals that create odd spots on the paint upon drying. Such dried deposits are hard to clean later.

Final Thoughts

Along with plenty of advantages, certain disadvantages are also associated with automatic car washes. Before booking an order, make sure that the servers have well-trained cleaners, use less harsh chemicals, and use neat and clean water. After confirming all these things, you can surely place an order.

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