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Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning

April 2, 2021

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Reasons You Should Regularly Deep Steam Clean Your Mattresses

Even with regular cleaning of your beddings, mattresses need to be cleaned. Learn why Deep Steam Cleaning your mattresses is so critical.

Truth be told, the mattress is the most neglected item in most homes and this is why regularly deep steam cleaning your mattress is so important. This is especially the homes that don’t have toddlers. To confirm this, how often do you clean your mattress? Most people have not washed their mattresses since they bought them. Well, why do they need to do it while mattress covers and bed sheets protect them?

The truth is your mattress needs attention just as much as other items in your house do. Remember that your mattress might be home to millions of dust mites. More so, we shed approximately 1.5 grams of skin every day. This alone is enough to make you want to wash your mattress every other month.

Deep Steam cleaning Mattresses is a good option for keeping your mattress clean, and here are the reasons why you should clean it more often.

1. We sweat as we sleep

Sweating is normal, and sometimes it may be excessive due to hormonal imbalances. Sometimes sweat cannot be controlled, and over time, it will continue to seep into the mattress. Eventually, the mattress will stage as a damp environment ideal for the growth of fungi. This is why its critical to get your mattress deep steam cleaned.

Having fungi like mold in your mattress exposes you to the risk of developing health issues. If you have asthma, it will take a toll on you. You are also at a higher risk of developing respiratory issues and breathing problems. 

Mattress mold may also irritate your skin and rashes. This will impede on the comfort of your nights, and worst still, health.

2. Your mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria, Kill it with a Deep Steam Cleaning!

Some of the bacteria commonly found in mattresses include Enterococci and Staphylococci, deep steam cleaning can kill 99.9% of these bacteria without the use of chemicals. Studies have also shown that the deadly MRSA superbug can also be found in mattresses. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is considered deadly as, unlike other infections, it is harder to treat. 

The situation can be even worse if you have compromised immunity. Note that the dead skin cells and humid environment create the ideal habitat for bacteria. Note that bacteria are among the fastest reproducing organisms, multiplying every four to twenty minutes. 

3. To remove stains, Steam Cleaning your Mattress is the Easiest way!

Deep Steam cleaning your mattress regularly will go a long way in removing stains and preventing permanent stains. The primary cause of stains in your mattress is sweat. The accumulation of sweat with time will lead to noticeable changes in the appearance of your mattress.

Urine, blood, and beverages could also be the reason behind the stains on your mattress. Some of the stains do not form over time but accumulate to become noticeable. Regardless of the cause, mattress stains can be unsightly, and regular deep steam cleaning your mattresses will keep it looking its best. 

Take away

Regularly deep steam cleaning your mattresses will save you a lot of agony. That is from fungal infections to bacterial infections. Mattresses also host most of the allergens. Cleaning will save you from avoidable healthcare expenses.

It will also ensure that your mattress is not a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. This is also the best way to ensure that it looks as good as new even after ten years of use.

You can add mattress cleaning to our Basic Home Cleaning or you can choose to just have your mattresses cleaned by themselves – Mattress Steam Cleaning Link

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