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How to Steam Clean a Carpet

April 25, 2021

Steam Carpet Cleaning is a safe, perfect, and most importantly eco-friendly method. Using this method, you can deep clean your carpets to restore their original look. Using soapy hot water, this method is very beneficial to remove the debris and stuck dirt from the carpets.

Due to plenty of advantages, this cleaning method is getting universal popularity. You can clean the bare as well as carpet floor without any carpet damage. In the later section, we’ll break all the benefits and also the procedure of this cleaning process. So, let’s dive deep to explore more about steam cleaning.

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Advantages Of Steam Carpet Cleaning

1. No Any Danger to Carpet

Unlike shampooing that may turn your carpets yellow, the steam cleaner does not cause any such damage to the carpet. Rather it helps to restore its original brightness through deep cleaning. Also, there is no alarm of holes or any such damage.

2. Thorough Cleaning

The hot water machine used during steam cleaning moves very slow and removes every dust particle from the carpet. While cleaning, you may open the windows or doors to let carpets dry soon.

3. Eco-friendly Method

The steam carpet cleaning uses maximum hot water and minimum chemicals that make it environment-friendly. Traditional cleaning uses such kinds of chemicals that may cause allergy in particular persons but steam cleaning is not allergic.

4. Safe Cleaning Procedure

As this cleaning method uses just hot soapy water, it is amazingly effective and totally safe. It brightens your carpet without any danger to your dear family members or lovely pets.

5. Acts as Disinfectant

Some germs, bacteria, molds, mildews, viruses, etc may be there in your carpets that may cause infections. This cleaning method kills all these hazardous pests through soapy hot water.

6. Vanishes Pet Odours

Pets are the beauty of a house and add to its hustle and bustle by running throughout the house. However, their movement usually results in a typical zoo smell. The steam cleaning helps to get rid of this odor.

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How to Steam Clean a Carpet

You should have three essential components for Steam Carpet Cleaning i.e:

And here is an easy steam carpet cleaning procedure. You can perform it yourself.

Clear the Carpet

Start by removing all the objects like furniture from the carpet. You may shift them into any other empty room. This will help in thorough cleaning.

Dust Walls & Roof & Vacuum Clean

Before deep steam cleaning, dust the walls and roof well. If you do this post-cleaning, it may ruin the shining again. So, remove all dirt & debris from walls, fans, and roofs. Also, vacuum cleans the carpet before steam cleaning.

Fill the Machine Tanks

After the initial room preparations, move on to the machine and fill its tanks with a solution of hot water & any detergent. Some machines have separate tanks while others have attached.

Start Cleaning Backward

Now, it is time to start cleaning. Start from a corner by moving backward. Never walk on the wet carpet by following the machine as it may leave some dirt particles stuck with the feet. Also, moving the machine slowly will result in deep penetration of the hot water that will make the carpet brighter.

Move the Machine in a Line

Never move the machine in a circle rather move it in long overlapping lines. This will give better results.

Dry the Carpet

While steam carpet cleaning, open all the doors and windows. This will help in fast carpet cleaning. Also, turn on all fans for a quick dry process. After the carpet dries out well, it will shine just like a new carpet.

All In All

Steam Carpet Cleaning is an easy and environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning process that helps you to restore its original brightness & shine. Moreover, it is not so tough & can be performed by anyone. But if you are busy in your daily routines and get worried about carpet cleaning, you can hire professionals of Jamby Steam as well.