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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

June 26, 2021

The kitchen is the most frequently used part of the home that’s why it must be kept neat and clean every time. Proper kitchen cleaning is compulsory for health purposes as well as to make the cooking place fresh and fine. A place where you have to cook 3 times a day must seem fresh forever. If not properly cleaned, the kitchen may be a place of microbial growth just like infectious bacteria or fungus.

So, it is compulsory to keep your kitchen clean and fresh to avoid any alarm of infection growth. Here are the best tips for proper kitchen cleaning that would cut short your cleaning efforts.

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Best Ways to Keeps Your Kitchen Clean

Clean and Cook

To keep your kitchen always neat and fresh, follow the clean and cook strategy. Try to clean your kitchen every day before you start cooking. This will be beneficial for a healthy cooking process. Make yourself used to this habit, your kitchen will always be tidy.

Don’t Rush the Countertop

Keep the number of appliances lined on the countertop minimum so that you may easily clean it after each cooking batch. Keep the outlets that you’re not currently using or that are used occasionally in the cupboards. Some old appliances become useless, sell or donate such appliances to avoid overcrowding. Just keep such things on the counter that are used every day and clean them well every day.

Keep the Sink Clean and Odorless

Your kitchen sink may be the most complicated part to clean. However, it’s necessary to wash it properly after each time you wash the dishes. Moreover, use a mixture of baking soda and hot water for sink cleaning at least once a week. This would keep the sink and drain fresh and odorless.

Keep the Kitchen Appliances Clean

Infectious microbes can grow on the top or beneath your kitchen outlets. So, keep your appliances clean and tidy to avoid such alarms. You can use a wet cloth, followed by a dry cloth, to clean the surface or underside of the kitchen tools. Moreover, use a mixture of baking soda and hot water, as mentioned above, once a week for their cleaning.

Use a Dustbin

Keep a dustbin in the kitchen to handle the trash and useless things in the kitchen. Unlike some people who are not used to this habit, keep in mind investing in this part of the kitchen.

Think About a Schedule

Set your timetable to do all things at a proper time. Keep the cleaning of your kitchen within the schedule so that you may keep your cooking place fresh forever.

Sanitize Your Kitchen

Under the current pandemic situations of Covid-19, it’s necessary to sanitize your home after regular intervals. Keep in mind sanitizing your kitchen as well as kitchen appliances to avoid alarming situations.


It’s necessary to keep the kitchen clean and tidy every day as 75% of the dish sponges may be fatal if not properly handled. Use the above-discussed tips to clean the kitchen properly and to sanitize it.

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