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How to Deodorize Your Mattress

April 30, 2021

Beds are those parts of our lives to which we remain in touch for maximum time. So, it’s crucial to keep them odorless, fresh, and clean for the sake of health purposes. If you share your bed with your lovely pet, it may start giving off an odd smell after sometimes that causes irritation and is also unhealthy to allergic or sensitive people.

So, it is important to get rid of this odor as it is compulsory for health and to avoid irritation. There are lots of methods to make your mattress odorless however some of the most famous, commonly used, and effortless methods are discussed in the later section. So, let’s learn how to deodorize your mattress with our proven tips!

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How to Deodorize Your Mattress?

Dust particles, sweat, and skin cells cause the growth of infectious bacteria, mites, or bugs, etc in your mattress, that’s why it’s necessary to freshen it at least after every six months. To eliminate the odor of your mattress, follow any of the below procedures.

Using Baking Soda

Multi-use baking soda is a natural deodorant. It can be used anywhere, ranging from fridge to pillows or beds, to kill the smell. Proceed in the following way to clean the mattress:

Water and Vinegar Solution

Another natural way to kill the germs and freshen the bed by killing odd smells is using vinegar and water solution. Here is a simple procedure to use this as a deodorant:

Using Essential Oils

One’s favorite essential oils can also be used as an odor killer for your mattress. Follow these step to use oils for this purpose:

Use of Cornstarch

Proceed in the following way with the cornstarch:

All In All

Deodorizing your mattress is not a tough and time-killing time. You can use natural mixtures for this purpose. All the methods we have discussed use natural deodorants to kill the irritating smell. Such chemicals are not allergic hence, don’t cause any allergy to sensitive persons.


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