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How to Clean Hard to Reach Places

June 24, 2021

Hard to reach places of the home usually remain uncleaned, and if not properly cleaned, such places may cause infection growth. Though it may be a tough and time-killing task, one should not ignore such places that are hard to reach like behind the sofas or beds, window blinds, and so on. Here are some hard-to-reach places of the home and their ways of cleaning. Follow these ways to make your house clean and germ-free in the next cleaning batch.

Best Ways to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Cleaning of Keyboard Cracks

If you use a computer throughout the day and also, tend to eat while sitting there, you will be familiar with the problem of food crumbs falling in keyboard cracks. It’s easy to make the keyboard clean by turning it down and gently tapping it or using a blow of air with an air dryer to clean it.

Cleaning of the Hidden Places

Sometimes, the underside or backside of home appliances or furniture remains uncleaned that may cause microbial growth. To avoid all such alarms, clean such places well. You can do this easily by investing in a microfiber duster that helps in easy cleaning. Moreover, you may achieve this by attaching the microfiber with a yardstick and moving it under the appliances to collect the dust and dirt.

Cleaning Around the Toilet

Cleaning around the side or behind the toilet is also a challenging task, and if not properly cleaned, such places may cause fungus growth. An angled scrubber, usually used to clean the tiles, is the best option to clean around or the backside of the toilet.

Cleaning of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, particularly their top, are also one of the ignored places of the home. Make it clean and tidy with a simple trick to avoid microbial growth and also to keep it shiny. Use a curve duster to collect the dust and cobwebs from the top of ceiling fans. Moreover, a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth is also best to make fans bright.

cleaning of ceiling fans

Cleaning the Car Vents

Car vents are also hard to reach and it’s tough to clean them. You may use a clean paintbrush to clean dust and dirt from such places easily. Another way of such cleaning is the use of gel. Coat the gel over the vents, it would collect all the dust particles and you would find vents shining.

Cleaning of Window Blinds

Window blinds also come in the list of hard-to-reach places, however, you may make their cleaning easy by using kitchen tongs and microfiber cloth. Wrap the cloth around the ends of the tongs and secure it with a rubber. Use these tongs to clean the top and bottom of your windows’ blinds.

Cleaning the Faucet

Sometimes, faucets in your kitchen, as well as the bathroom, may remain uncleaned that may cause infection growth. Prevent this alarm by easily cleaning them. You can use an old toothbrush or small scrub brush for this purpose. Dip the brush in soapy water and scrub the crannies and nooks of the faucet. This would save you extra effort to clean the faucet.


It is compulsory to make the hard-to-reach places clean and tidy to avoid microbial growth. Check out the above list of such places and use the above-discussed techniques to make them bright in an easy manner.

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