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DIY Auto Detailing – Beginner’s Guide to DIY Auto Detailing

March 28, 2021

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Beginner’s Guide to DIY Auto Detailing by:

DIY Auto Detailing is very important to most car aficionados because they are highly invested in the proper maintenance of their cars. They enthusiastically involve themselves in all aspects of their cars; washing, detailing, repair, tuning. Among them are those who would like to keep their vehicle shining and beautiful forever, and regular car washing rarely comes under their definition of proper cleaning. This is why they would rather wash their cars themselves. However, it is a meticulous task and needs to be handled properly. A newbie might damage the vehicle by using unreliable products or in some other way. To avoid that, we have a handy guide here to explain what proper car washing entails.

Preparing Yourself

DIY Getting Ready to detail a car

To Start your DIY Auto Detailing, you need to inspect how dirty your car is. This includes any scratches, blemishes, or any paint jobs it might need. This is crucial because some of it cannot be cleaned with simple washing and might need professional detailing. You also need to figure out if any products that you use are verified and reliable enough to use on your car. Randomly using household soap or detergent may even deteriorate your paint further. Also, make a system such that you clean your cleaning mitt after regular intervals during your wash and soap it up before applying it to the car again. You can use a water hose or separate buckets for cleaning and soaking purposes or a combination of both. You can use proper car decontaminants to get rid of unwanted stuff on the surface of your car.

Cleaning it Up

Cleaning vehicle with clay bar

For your DIY Auto Detailing begin with the body of the car, then do the headlights and clean the wheels in the end. This sequence ensures that any residual dirt or grime that may fall onto the wheels after you wash the body will also be cleaned up.
Rinse the car with your hose or a water bucket to clear any large dirty spots or dusty areas. Then, dunk your cleaning mitt with soap and start scrubbing. After every couple of scrubs, cleanse the grime off your mitt with water, dunk it in soap again and resume your scrubbing. Use the recommended products only to keep your paint unharmed. There are special products made to handle window cleaning and headlights restoration. Use them only after making sure they are verified by studying their label or reading their reviews online.

Waxing and Polishing

Auto Detailing Wax and Buffing vehicle

This step of the DIY Auto Detailing is optional but highly beneficial for your car. Let your car dry first, or you can use a microfiber towel to dry it up. The polish needs to be applied first and then thoroughly scrubbed to take effect. This scrubbing can be done by hand or using a polishing machine. Polishing will enhance the mirror-like glossy effect of your paint.

Waxing is usually considered a polishing or shining enhancement, but it is actually a protective coating for your paint against UV rays. Waxing your car will supplement the longevity of your car’s paint.

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Buffing customers headlights on vehicle

Regular DIY Auto Detailing is great for your car’s maintenance, but if you come across scratches or blemishes that don’t wipe off with simple cleaning, you should consider professional auto detailing. This is one of the services we provide, and it involves various techniques that will absolutely revamp your car and restore it to its finest glory. View our auto detailing page on for further details and, if you like what you see, book an appointment within 60 seconds at for more information on detailing service at Jamby Steam Inc. You can also visit our face book page for more information on DIY Auto Detailing.