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Common Cleaning Mistakes You Make at Home

June 4, 2021

Proper cleaning is very important to keep your house clean and tidy and also to maintain its original glow. However, some cleaning mistakes may lead to dirtiness or any harm to housekeeping instead of making them clean. 

Cleaning has always been important, however, under the current pandemic situations of Covid-19, it has become inevitable. Here are some common cleaning mistakes that you may make at home while cleaning it. Take a note and overcome it if you’re committing any of them.

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Common Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning on a Cloudy Day

Weather conditions are very important that must be considered before starting the home cleaning. A cloudy or rainy day does not let your floors or other households dry. On the contrary, a very hot sunny day may cause the cleaner or sanitizer to dry quickly, which may cause stains and spots on the windows or doors. So, a proper dreary day would be perfect for cleaning.

Use the Same Rag for Different Cleanings

Reusing the same rag for a different home cleaning may cause microbial or infection growth. Also, it gets dirty and may cause the spread of dirt and it would not be able to clean the home properly. That’s why consider using a fresh, properly washed, and handy rag to clean different surfaces.

Using Harmful Cleaners

Certain chemicals suit certain surfaces and may be harmful and harsh if used on some prohibited surface. Proper knowledge about the home cleaners would be beneficial to avoid any damage. Also, consider the side effects or allergic effects of certain chemicals to avoid any damage to the skin or any other body part.

Vacuum Cleaner Failures

Sometimes, certain vacuum cleaner failures may cause damage to window glasses or other home appliances. Misjudgment of a cleaner’s pressure or forgetting to empty it may cause any serious damage. Remember these tips while cleaning your home for a safe cleaning process.

Using Disinfectants on Dirty Surfaces

It’s compulsory to clean the surfaces before using any disinfectant on them, otherwise, it would be useless. Use hot soapy water or a wet cloth to clean the surface before using a disinfectant on it for maximum results.

Overlooking the Hard to Reach Places

Hard to reach places of the home such as the kitchen corners, backside of sofas, underside of the bed, or backside of the toilet, maybe left unclean if not properly handled. Such dirty and dusty places may cause the virus or infection to grow. Keep in mind proper cleaning of such surfaces to avoid microbial growth.

Misuse of Toilet Brush

Most people don’t clean the toilet brushes properly and use them again and again which is harmful. Moreover, never put them in the holder immediately after the use as wet surfaces may cause infection to grow. Keep in mind these things while washing and cleaning the toilet or bathroom.

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Certain home cleaning mistakes may prove harmful after some time and may cause infections. Moreover, deep cleaning of the whole home is crucial for health. So, never ignore the above-mentioned minor cleaning mistakes to make your cleaning effective.

home cleaning mistakes

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