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All About Commercial And Industrial Janitorial Services

June 18, 2021

The commercial and industrial areas belong to the areas that need cleaning services. Janitorial services are the services janitors perform.

As with performing regular housekeeping tasks, there are several materials needed for performing janitorial services for the commercial and industrial areas.

Materials Needed

Robots can be used as alternatives for vacuum cleaners, mopper floor cleaners, and carpet cleaners. Yet, they can make you allocate your costs wrongly since they tend to be expensive.  Hence, you need janitors to provide you with janitorial services. Here are other reasons why you need janitorial services for your commercial and industrial areas:

Why Do You Need Janitorial Services?

Make sure the janitors that provide janitorial services for your commercial and industrial areas are backed up with a company instead of working independently. This is to ensure that you have the guarantees of your janitors’ works and you know where to advise when you have problems with the janitorial services you requested.

Where Should Your Janitors Clean And What Should They Do?

If you book janitorial services from a company, make sure they clean up these important commercial and industrial areas:

So, your janitors should do these things to clean up your commercial and industrial areas:

It is also important for the company where you order the janitorial services to provide additional sanitization programs. These include, but not limited to, educating employees about sanitization around the offices and participating in the companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

Jamby Service is a company where you can book your janitorial services and adjust the schedules to your convenience. You will learn all about our company in the next point:

commercial and industrial janitorial cleaners

What We Do And Why Should You Choose Us?

Jamby Service, Inc. (or Jamby Service) is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 17011, the U.S. So far, our services have covered 6 areas in the PA state: Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Hershey, Palmyra, and Litiz.

The janitorial services for your commercial and industrial areas are in our specialties. We specialize in providing you steam cleaning services, to which the janitorial services for commercial and industrial areas belong.

If your commercial and industrial areas belong to any of the 6 areas we cover, then, it’s good news – You can start using our janitorial services!

Yet, you may wonder why should you choose us. Here are our “whys”:


People, Pride, Reliability, Team, and Quality, are not only central in our janitorial services. We are also different from any other cleaning service companies in that we treat you like a family by committing to the things we’re saying we’re going to do.

So, wait no more – order the janitorial services from us, and let us make your commercial and industrial areas cleaner!